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October 9, 2011 / Samuel DiPaola

Storm 2

The sun came through the open window.
The storm had past.
I was taking stock of the fact that the debris scattered along the lawn did not represent the entirety of my worldly possessions.
I looked for you, but you were gone.
Prior to the storm you told me that you loved me
and would never leave.
The impression you made on me was long lasting.
Interesting how impressions represent something from the past.
Because that is what you have become,
a past impression;
a mark produced by pressure.
Had I pressed too hard?
Oh, how foolish I was
to think that you actually meant what you said.
The first storm I blamed on external forces.
Surely, we were not to blame.
My friends didn’t like you.
They thought you were overbearing.
They didn’t believe that you really cared about me.
I always explained it away as,
You were under a lot of stress at work,
Or that your family was very controlling, and you were having a hard time.
She’s very different once you get to know her, I’d explain.
By the time storm 2 arrived,
I was starting to see cracks in the foundation,
and water was seeping into the basement.
I thought I would be bailing for weeks.
Fortunately the level crested,
and within a matter of days we were back to normal,
Or so I thought.

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