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July 30, 2012 / Samuel DiPaola


The room I sit in holds no promise
Emptiness consumes all
Where has everyone gone?
The spirits have abandoned me
Many too busy to care
Others trapped in a life
with no chance of escape
Love is surly lost
I try to make sense of where time has gone
Regardless of how much I achieve
It is never enough
Life has been squandered on meaningless pursuits
Last night I dreamt the forests were on fire
I wanted to fly above the clouds and break free
When I was young, I believed I could change the world
Now I ask to what end, and for what purpose?
Wasn’t the original order to be fruitful and multiply?
But for whose benefit?
Mine, or yours?
Tell me
What survives of past civilizations?
No less intelligent
Struggles long forgotten
Now meaningless
The chosen ones
Were they not?
As promised for all eternity
But what is eternity?
Ultimately, nothing achieved
And no one remembers or cares of the accomplishments
We are told to believe
And to fight for the cause
I still have not found a cause worth fighting for
And no longer want to be part of the cosmic battle over good and evil
When you give in
and realize that all is driven by self-importance
It becomes easy to walk away from the fight
or the call
or the mission
or the flag
or the church
If the devil exists, then let God destroy him
and leave me be
If eternity exists
Then let it not be this!

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