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March 28, 2021 / Samuel DiPaola

I am Secure

There was a strong wind last night
I always feel secure when a strong wind threatens to blow down my house
Howling from the depths
The feeling of sitting inside a cocoon
Akin to being back in the womb
I listen for a secret message

The shutters bang
I convert it into Morse code but translation evades me
There must be a meaning
Mathematicians always look for order out of chaos
Proof of intelligence
Because chaos is cruel
And meaningless

My life must have meaning
Surely, I am different from the rest
Or am I?
Just like the four seasons
Civilizations come and go
Empires rise and fall
I can no more control my fate as I can a coming storm

So, I listen to the wind
And know that we coexist
Order, not out of chaos
but from within
The wind may howl
The shutters bang
But I am secure

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